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  1. Sorry to hear about Joe Picarelli’s passing. Behind his rough exterior was a stand up guy. I especially remember some of his finer quotes such as when asked what was for lunch his standard reply “Cock and cake and we just ran out of cake” Or when Com. Wright complemented him on the tuna salad Joe replied “Must have been the Preperation H under my finger nails when I mixed it”. Wright turned bright red and never complemented him again. RIP Pic.

  2. dds42000 says:

    I have added a photo of Joe on the home page of the site.
    As always with Joe his mouth was going but a good photo. I think Capt Wirth has some Great Stories if he like to post them. I will try and attend the service in Tarrytown on Saturday.

  3. LUIS A RAMOS says:

    Sorry to hear about Joe Picarelli’s passing also.
    A great person all around and kept my ears alive with the rican jokes.
    Love you PIC…..
    I would also like to express my sincere sympathy for all passed OFFICERS
    and may they and their family be blessed.
    Hello to all out there and that hopefully, soon will see you all.
    Thanks for your comments to me on marriage and as an Officer.

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